Witch Halloween Costume Suggestions

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A witch Halloween costume is one of the most popular outfits during trick or treats and parties. Most little girls, if asked what they plan to wear this coming Halloween, will say that the first thing that they can think of is a witch costume.

Traditionally, a witch costume can be too bland but at the same time scary. Today, the presence of several online sellers of 2013 Halloween costumes who take some time to create several varieties of witch costumes makes it more pleasurable to wear one this coming Halloween.

Little girls and young adults can choose the perfect witch costumefrom the three different ideas listed below.

Anyone who is familiar with the Wicked Witch of the West can imitate the outfit from the popular film The Wizard of Oz. To add to her witch costume, the little girl can do some face painting using green paint for the complete witchy look.

Teenage girls would love to wear a sexy witch outfit for Halloween. A teenager can choose to wear a black mini dress paired with high boots and of course a pointed witch hat. Nothing would go wrong with black dresses for Halloween costumes. And believe it or not, every teenage girl has that little black dress that she can wear to different events. She can also add some accessories to make her outfit more stunning. Some of the things that can be accessorized to her witch outfit are a feathered broom and a hand bag.

One more of stylish 2013 Halloween costumes is a famous character from Harry Potter. Hermione Granger is the most intelligent girl in Hogwarts. Young girls and teenage girls who loved both the books and the movies will surely want to dress as a Hogwarts student. But she must wear her costume with a twist. How can she do that? Well, instead of a uniform, she can wear a white and black dress and top it off with a robe. She must also never forget the pointy hat and of course the wand. She can also try to recite some magic spells to make the night unforgettable.

There are other ways to wear a witch costume but for people who do not have the time to make one or are not creative enough to craft a costume, the best thing to do is to check out online stores. Little girls and young ladies will surely find one that suits their preferences and the same time their budgets.

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Witch Halloween Costume Suggestions

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Witch Halloween Costume Suggestions

This article was published on 2013/10/19