Halloween Witch Costume - Good Witch Or Bad Witch?

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Witches have been part of Halloween for ages. These ladies have been hunted and killed for their magic powers and spells that were against nature. However, not every sorceress and witch is a bad one, and you can embody one with the Halloween witch costume of your choice. What styles can be truly amazing and different now when it seems so many styles have been released? Read on.

First, rest assured costume manufacturers renew their collection every year and you can find a great, beatiful and totally new costume for Halloween or any occasion yo wish. Let's start by defining your style and how you want to look. Funny, scary, sexy, classy, the list goes on and you can even mix few styles together.

Your witch costume should include a hat, don't worry it's included. If it's not you may be disappointed, but it should always be precised it is. Now for the specific styles, tons of colors exist, though black is of course the color of every dark and mysterious character of Halloween. There are many short dresses for a sexy adult witch outfit, and longer ones if you need something more elegant. A good compromise is a witch dress that is split upto mid thigh. You can wear stockings with the sexy ones.

For adults as well as girls, this is where your choice of colors can be very interesting. From orange to purple, blue or pink you can really go with what you like the most. Remember, Halloween is for fun but also to be different. Though black is certainly great you also want to set apart from others. So at least you may want to add few other colors to your ensemble.

To help you with this, think of ribbons to add somewhere, your hat maybe. And what about accessories ? Why not a bit of jewelry, you can havea strange pendant and pretend it holds some very secret spells. And of course, a broomstick so you can travel at the speed of the wind.

As we said earlier, you can mix styles together. Indeed, a sexy witch can be very scay, with some makeup work. It will only take you few minutes but will be well worth it.
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Do what is going to be your style ? Check out these sexy adult witch costume ideas. There are also more to see at Halloween Witch Costume.

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Halloween Witch Costume - Good Witch Or Bad Witch?

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This article was published on 2010/10/01